Frequently Asked Questions

A. Our services typically begin with an initial telephone or email communication, followed by a free initial on-site consultation. Once the services needed are assessed, we work with our clients to determine an agreed upon mode of service delivery (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). 

A. Absolutely! For most of our new clients we end up doing a bit to a lot of clean up. It's pretty normal to have fallen behind if you're an owner who has been doing your own books, and even if you've hired other help, we'll often do a bit of sprucing up to ensure your financials are in good order.

A. Yes. Many small business CFOs and COOs are very busy with the day to day tasks as well as higher level duties and do not have the time or staff to do necessary reporting, reconciliations and analysis. With the right reports, you can make better decisions and stay on top of your game.

A. We do not replace the other professionals in your life. Our work complements the work of these professionals. For example, we can make tax time easier and more efficient. In addition, Paperwork Partners gives individuals and small businesses peace of mind that day-to-day finances and other administrative tasks are being handled in a personal and timely manner. 

A. It is often very hard for seniors to acknowledge they need help with tasks they had always been capable of doing. The involvement of an outsider in personal financial affairs can be scary and uncomfortable, but our clients find that once they have established a trusting relationship with us, their quality of life improves and financial anxiety relieved. When we meet at the free initial consultation, you are meeting the person with whom you will be entrusting your personal information – not a sales representative that is part of a large impersonal organization. 

A. Confidentiality is our primary concern. We will not share or distribute any information about a client to any third party, unless we are given express authorization to do so by the client. 

A. Yes, we carry both general liability and a professional liability designed specifically for members of the American Association of Daily Money Managers. 

A. Yes, we are more than happy to provide you with referrals and put you in contact with current clients.